Board Meeting Minutes 2015 09


A public hearing of the Board of Trustees of the Elkhart Public Library was called to order by Janice E. Dean, President, at 5:00 p.m.

Jane A. Garoutte, Business Manager reported that the 2016 Budget was submitted to the County Council for non-binding review, and posted on the Gateway website as required by the State Board of Accounts (SBOA) and Department of Local Government Finance (DLGF). With no questions or comments from the public or guests, the public hearing was adjourned by consensus at 5:50 p.m.

Members present: Brian Byrn, Renee’ Cocanower, Mary E. Davis, Janice E. Dean, Carlos Esteves and Jennifer Nielsen. Shannon Link was unable to attend.

The regular meeting of the Board of Trustees of Elkhart Public Library was called to order by Janice E. Dean, President, at 5:51 p.m. following the close of the Budget Hearing.

Others present: Lisa Guedea Carreño, Director; and Jane A. Garoutte, Business Manager.

Staff or Guests present: Rachel Rice, Department Head Outreach Services; Erin Wagner, Human Resource Generalist.


There being no objections Renee’ Cocanower moved

THAT the Board adopt the Consent Agenda as presented.

Carlos Esteves seconded. Motion: Carried.

Director Annual Performance Evaluation

Janice E. Dean, President reported that the Director’s Annual Performance Evaluation was conducted in September. The Evaluation Committee, made up of Brian Byrn and Jennifer Nielsen, found Lisa Guedea Carreño’s performance over the past year was highly effective. The Committee recommended a salary increase for the Director of approximately 5%, effective with the January 14, 2016. Mary E. Davis moved

THAT the Director’s Performance Evaluation be accepted as presented by the committee, and

THAT the Director’s annual salary be increased to $79,500, effective December 27, 2015 payable bi-weekly beginning January 14, 2016.

Jennifer Nielsen seconded Motion: Carried

Lisa Guedea Carreño thanked the Board for the vote of confidence, and expressed her appreciation for the Administrative Team support.

Memorial for Krystal Anderson

Janice E. Dean reported that a tree will be planted at Pierre Moran Branch on Monday, September 28, in honor of Krystal Anderson, deceased member of the Board of Trustees. Krystal’s mother and son have been invited to be there. An 8“ x 8” stone plaque will be installed in an inconspicuous place beneath the tree. A more official memorial service is being planned for a later time.

Board Member Resignation

Janice E. Dean reported that Shannon Link resigned her position as Trustee for the Elkhart Public Library due to parental responsibilities. Shannon was appointed by the Elkhart Community School Board to fulfill the term ending 6/30/2016, previously held by Krystal Anderson, deceased. The School Board has been notified and is in the progress of seeking a replacement appointee.


Additional Items to Director’s Notes

Lisa Guedea Carreño, Director, reported that the Elkhart Public Library picnic held the evening of August 29, at Willowdale Park Pavilion, was a success in spite of the soggy weather. Departments assigned to the planning committee were Circulation, Outreach and Dunlap Branch with two Administration team members. Special thanks go to Rachel Rice, Rachelle Haney, Erin Wagner, Jane Garoutte, Sue Lantz, Deb Harris, Tina Ervin, and Jill Yoder for their part in planning and organizing a fun event where Staff, Board and Friends were able to meet co-worker’s families and build teamwork in a non-work setting. Jane Garoutte also expressed her thanks to Lisa Guedea Carreño, Kevin Kilmer and Chuck Pieri for their help on the clean-up crew!

The Director pointed out an error in the Circulation Department Report approved earlier in the consent agenda: volunteer hours reported as 2705, should have been reported as 27.05 hours.

Rachel Rice spoke about Outreach Services work with the seniors. She explained how programming at the senior and retirement centers were planned, describing how arts and craft programming tied to life-long learning goals for senior citizens. Some of the Board members accepted the offer to participate in a craft project. Discussion regarding programming followed.


Phase II Renovations

The Director reported that ACM of South Bend is scheduled to begin testing for asbestos in areas where demolition/construction is planned. Forty samples will be taken and the results are expected back within a week. The cost of the testing is $2,700.

Eric Leedy, Architect, has developed a phased plan to avoid needing to close the Library to the public, and to have at least one meeting room available at all times. The bid packet will be ready by Monday, September 28, 2015. Legal Notices for Bidders will be run in two newspapers twice, one week apart, and no later than October 6 and October 13, 2015. Bids will be opened October 20, 2015, at the regularly scheduled Board meeting.

Marketing and Public Relations Update

Lisa Guedea Carreño, Director, reported that a task force of Management and seven staff reviewed the marketing proposals distributed at the last Board meeting. Meetings have been scheduled with three of the firms or individuals, at which the task force to ask clarifying questions, some specific to them and three general questions that will be asked of all. The Board requested that these meetings be recorded.

She discussed the Pew Research Center Executive Summary included in the Board packet:
Horrigan, John. “Libraries at the Crossroads: Pew Research Center, September 2015,
Available at:



Erin Wagner presented the Americans with Disabilities Act/ ADAAG Policy for a second reading. The policy states that the Library recognizes that qualified job applicants and/or employees may need a reasonable accommodation due to an existing disability. The policy also serves to protect job applicants and employees from discrimination. There being no objections Renee’ Cocanower moved

THAT the ADA/ADAAG Policy be approved as presented.

Carlos Esteves seconded Motion: Carried

1782 Notice Response Resolution

Jane A. Garoutte, Business Manager presented the 1782 Notice Reponse resolution which allows the Director and Business Manager permission and authority to make current year budget reductions as necessary in response to the 1782 Notice. There being no objection the Jennifer Nielsen moved

THAT the 1782 Notice Response Resolution be approved as presented.

Mary E. Davis seconded Motion: Carried

EEO Statement

Erin Wagner presented an EEO Statement summarizing the Elkhart Public Library stand and procedures dealing with all aspects of the employment cycle. This statement is not intended to be exhaustive, but does include mention of currently known areas of potential discrimination where equal opportunity might come into play. Most recently, gender identity and expression have been added. Renee’ Cocanower, Vice President moved

THAT the EEO Statement be approved as presented.

Carlos Esteves seconded Motion: Carried

Questions and Information from Board, Staff, and Guests

The meeting was adjourned by consensus at 7:45 p.m.

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Trustees is October 20, 2015, at 5:30 p.m. at the Dunlap Branch Library, 58485 County Road 13, Elkhart, IN.

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