Board Meeting Minutes 2015 02

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The regular meeting of the Board of Trustees of Elkhart Public Library was called to order by Janice E. Dean, President, at 5:30 p.m. at the Osolo Branch, 3429 East Bristol Street, Elkhart, IN 46514.
Members present: Krystal Anderson, Brian Byrn, Renee’ Cocanower, Janice E. Dean and Jennifer Nielsen. Mary E. Davis and Scott Troeger were unable to attend.
Others present: Lisa Guedea Carreño, Director, and Jane A. Garoutte, Business Manager.
Staff or Guests present: Marsha Eilers, Assistant Director, Public Services; Kevin Kilmer, Branch Operations Manager; Donna Mitschelen, Osolo Branch Coordinator; and Gwen Robison, Assistant Director, Support Services. Also in attendance were Eric Leedy, Architect; and J. C. Lee, Elkhart Truth reporter.
Additional information: Jane Garoutte reported that the 1782 Statement was received from the Department of Local Government Finance, directing a reduction of 2015 Library Operating Fund budget due to insufficient revenues, and the Library tax rate was reduced to .1548 from the advertised rate of .2001, to remain within statutory levy limitation.
Our response, (required within ten days) was to request instead a reduction of expenditures for the second half of 2014 from estimate to actual, and provide proof that Operating Fund cash balance at December 31, 2014, was sufficient to support the original adopted budget appropriation of $6,979,348, which was submitted and approved by the DLGF. Therefore we requested our budget be restored to the originally advertised amount.
The DLGF Budget Order, reflecting these changes, was received and reported.
There being no objections, Krystal Anderson moved THAT the Board adopt the Consent Agenda as presented.
Brian Byrn seconded. Motion: Carried.
Additional Items to Director’s Notes
Lisa Guedea Carreño, Director, reported that circulation statistics were up in January, attributable at least in part to the Resource Sharing Consortium between the Elkhart and Goshen public libraries. She reviewed usage statistics for the December 2014 and January 2015, the first two full months since the catalog sharing began.
The Director announced that she had been asked to speak at the annual meeting of the Friends of the Elkhart Public Library on March 18. She will be talking about her first six months as Director at EPL.
Department Report
Kevin Kilmer and Donna Mitschelen conducted a tour of Osolo Branch. Built in 1987, Osolo is the oldest branch in the Elkhart Public Library system. Osolo is also the smallest branch, at a mere 4,000 square feet, The Osolo branch was designed by Eric Leedy as a prototype to be a small but functional branch library. Subsequent branches were built expanding and improving on the design. Kevin highlighted recent changes and additions in the organization of particular collections within the branch.
Phase II Renovations
The Director reviewed floor plans and cost estimates for Main Library Phase II renovations, identifying elements critical in accommodating an ADA-compliant elevator and expansion of and improvements to meeting room spaces and provision for ADA-compliant restrooms on all floors. Cost estimates include engineering, architectural and legal fees, and miscellaneous consulting services involved in the bond issue process to finance the renovation. The Director indicated that many of these costs will be rolled into the bond issue, and told the Board that the Operating Fund budget included limited funding for some of these preliminary costs, should the bond issue not be approved in 2015. She reviewed the financial planning calendar, which includes a possible public hearing date of March 17, 2015. The Board discussed holding the public hearing at 5:30 p.m. with regular meeting to follow, though this timeline could be changed if necessary.
There being no objection Jennifer Nielsen moved
THAT the Director be authorized to move forward with the bond issue process, including architectural plans required in advance of receiving bids, and setting a date and advertising for a public hearing, preferably at the beginning of a forthcoming regular EPL Board meeting.
Krystal Anderson seconded. Motion: Carried.
Strategic Plan
The Director presented a list of implementation activities and project managers for 2015, highlighting the corresponding initiatives, goals and targets in the Strategic Plan. She informed the Board that details of any of these activities were available upon request.
Fee schedule revision
The Director presented a revised fee schedule reflecting changes to the EPL non-resident fee and the Public Library Access Card fee set by the State. This revision is simply a formality to collate and ratify previously set fees.
There being no objection Renee Cocanower moved
THAT the Fee Schedule be approved as presented.
Brian Byrn seconded. Motion: Carried.
Facilities Needs and Priorities
The Director presented a list of high-priority facilities needs and recommendations for funding these projects. Some may require additional appropriations from non-operating funds, either Rainy Day or Library Improvement Reserve (LIRF). The recent replacement of two boilers at Main was discussed, as well as a recommended water treatment solution to gain a longer lifetime for the boilers, the last of which was installed only five years ago. Brian Byrn shared a similar experience with the boilers at the Midwest Museum of American Art. He recommended considering alternatives to the Library’s water treatment system, as the current system introduce corrosive chemicals into the pipes that likely increase leaks and other damage, especially in older pipes.
Board Member terms expiring June 30, 2015
The Director reported that two members’ terms will be expiring this year: Janice E. Dean, appointed by the Elkhart Community School Board; and Scott Troeger, appointed by the Elkhart County Council. She asked the Board to provide her with names of anyone who had expressed an interest in serving on the Library Board, as well as names of individuals they would recommend to be approached or invited to seek appointment. She will be sending letters to the appointing boards this month, reminding them of the expiring terms and making suggestions for appointments should they be open to them.
Digital Surveillance Policy
The Director presented a new policy documenting Elkhart Public Library’s current practices with regard to security cameras, still images and video footage. This policy articulates and ratifies the surveillance policy which has been in effect over the past several years. Jennifer Nielsen recommended that the language in item C. 2. c. be revised to read: “Cameras may not be installed in locations where staff and patrons would have an expectation of privacy.”
There being no other comment, Krystal Anderson moved
THAT the Digital Surveillance Policy be approved as amended.
Brian Byrn seconded. Motion: Carried.
Questions and Information from Board, Staff, and Guests
The meeting was adjourned by consensus at 7:45 p.m.
The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Trustees is March 17, 2015, at 5:30 p.m. in Meeting Room #1 of the Main Library.
Krystal Anderson, Secretary

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