I ♥ My Library Because…

February was Library Lovers Month.  Children, teens and adults who visited the Main Library were invited to write “I ♥ my Library because…” on hearts for display on the Circulation desk.


There are numerous variations on “… because I love to read,”  “… for the [books/movies/CDs/computers]”, and “… because of the [nice/friendly/kind/helpful] staff.”   Here are some of our favorites. For the most part, we have kept the spelling and grammar as they appear on the hearts. Enjoy!

  • I love how the library has books, computers, activities, movies & I love reading.
  • I ♥ my library b-cuz it’s always a warm & cozy feeling when I walk in the building.  The workers do their best to make sure I have what I need.
  • I love the library cause is my 2nd home
  • Because they can always help me with whatever I need.
  • I love the library for the children’s movies
  • This library is an excellent resource for knowledge lovers.  The staff is wonderful and ready to help all the time.  We are lucky to have the library.
  • I love the library because it’s quiet and it’s a great place to study.
  • I love my library because I love to read and play games and make new friends.
  • Great readers for beginning readers
  • I like books alot because I learn stuff   that’s why books and librarys are cool
  • I love the library; because I can take trips & adventures & visit old memories without having to leave my home
  • … Its computer classes are AWESOME
  • I love the cardboard CASTLES!
  • I like the library because it makes my kids very happy!
  • I love this Library because the clerk is cool and its all good
  • … it indulges my need for creativity, dreaming, wondering, and imagining the possibilities for free!!
  • Because of the books, and computers, and you can get smart and It a education environment that you can get help
  • I ♥ the library because it’s quiet
  • I love that I can put books on hold – and that you all work so hard to find what I need!
  • I love my library because audio books are expensive 🙂
  • I can always find a great book to read & it is the best job I’ve ever had!
  • … T.V. series and the very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable staff.
  • I gives me the knowledge my brain needs
  • … I like using the literacy computer and checking out movies and books.
  • I love my Library because I was jamming with the clerk 🙂
  • I love my library because it is the best job and my coworkers are like a second family
  • I love the library for the story time
  • I git to pik books out
  • So many Places to go and Never leave Elkhart 🙂
  • I love my Library because the service is Awesome
  • The Library has great resources for homeschooling.
  • … because I have been coming here for years and everyone has always been so nice towards me.  Happy Valentines Day
  • So many books to keep me company on snow days!
  • I love my library because it supplies my book, movie, and music addictions!
  • … because it’s quiet and all the books/movies can take you on many adventures
  • I love EPL because of the Fancy Nancy books & Princess movies.
  • Because it’s AWESOME!
  • We ♥ our library because it encourages our children’s imaginations. =)
  • Why I love coming to the library   Because of the pretty and polite Librarians.  Exp. Tina, Patricia
  • It’s the best way to travel the WORLD!
  • This library give me love and joy!  Plus they are very Nice.
  • Everyone is just super!  Close to home!
  • I love the library because it’s so fun, and I like getting new books.
  • It makes me feel warm & fuzzy & these are the bestest & nicest people in the world!!!
  • I love my Library because of Jill, Tina, & Sarah
  • I love my library because it’s a great place to come and get focused class-work done! =)
  • I l♥ve my library because they have the most AWSOME comic Books !
  • I love my library because it is conveniently located
  • Books, books, books, books, books, books
  • I love the library because of the fishes and because you can play on the computer.
  • If it’s free It’s for me… knowledge… friends…community…
  • Kis love love love
  • … because I have always found it to be a place to expand my mind and give me inspiration!  I use the media and computers every week and all the resources her art great!
  • The variety of materials ♥
  • I have always loved the library!  Whenever I want to know something, I go to the library and take home a bag of books.
  • The ladies are sweet and the movies are free like my heart.  Ha ha
  • Love the Library because… well, let’s face.  It’s so cool!!
  • Why I Love My Library   Wow!  It’s a great place to get books – the kind you can hold in hands!
  • I love the manga here at main
  • What’s not to love about FREE EDUCATION & ENTERTAINMENT
  • I love the staff, Interlibrary Loan, & reading!  ♥ To all of you!
  • Books are knowledge.  Use your Public Library
  • Because I personally can’t afford all the books I need to read!!
  • I love the library for the adventure, the quest for fun & knowledge.
  • The kids section & the friendly staff ♥
  • I love the smell of books
  • I love the library because knowledge is the best thing to have!
  • I love EPL for its service to the citizens of Elkhart!
  • I love my Library because the librairians are totally awsome
  • I love my library because I love to read, and they have tons of books! 🙂
  • Best Job Ever!
  • I love the library help me to get information
  • We love the Elkhart Library because they show us love
  • What I like about the library is that there are a lot of books and fun things to do.
  • Very Entertaining- passes cold nights at home
  • … because of all of the wonderful booksI appreciate the youth programs (never get to an adult program), safe place to study, & entertainment.  The library is the best!
  • Because they always have a new selection
  • Because they have everything I need.
  • Love is in the air be ready everyone. I love my library because I can read books without paying fortune!
  • I love MY Library and how it helps me keep learning
  • So much to LEARN!
  • I love my library because of the fishies!
  • Just wonderful & they are all nice.  Thank you always!
  • Love t come to the library because they are realy nice and helpful and my kids love comeing here to 🙂
  • Tina Ervin Is The Best.  The Staff always helps me and they are sooo pleasant
  • This is the best place in Elkhart to easy the mind relax and learn
  • Staff is always ready to help!  With a smile !!! 🙂 YOU ROCK!

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