Fool’s Gold Romance

Love in the Sierra Nevada

~Diana Gill


The FOOL’S GOLD series by Susan Mallery is made up of contemporary romances set in the small California town of Fool’s Gold, in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. The town is known for its friendliness, festivals and shortage of men (at least initially). Once they hire a city planner to help with this, things start to change.

Charity Jones, the newly hired city planner, is the main female character in the first book, CHASING PERFECT. Her romantic interest is Josh Golden, a former world-class cyclist. As with most romances, getting to the happy ending is what it is all about! Other characters, who end up getting their own books, include various members of the Hendrix family including triplet sisters, Nevada, Montana and Dakota, Pia O’Brien (who has a unique situation involving frozen embryos), and various other characters including a librarian, veterinarian, a couple of doctors, entrepreneurs, DJ, a goat herder (nope, not kidding!) and many others.

As of July 2013, there are 11 books in the series. The first book, CHASING PERFECT, was published in May 2010 and Susan has been writing frantically ever since. She releases several FG books a year and an occasional series-related (ebook only) novella. The stories are generally light-hearted but some of the characters face some hard issues. The books are very family — and community-oriented and quite humorous. Elkhart Public Library has all of the numbered series and a few of the others. We also have three of the FOOL’S GOLD e-novellas, ONLY US, ALMOST SUMMER and SISTER OF THE BRIDE, in our downloadable digital collection. These, and another e-novella, HALFWAY, are also available through Amazon, B&N and the iBookstore. Susan has links on her website.

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In addition to FOOL’S GOLD, Susan has published the first two in her new BLACKBERRY ISLAND series. She also has several other series and a number of stand-alone novels.  For more information about Susan’s books, visit her website at She also has a website, which is devoted to the characters and events of the series. Susan is on Facebook where she often posts about the characters, and occasionally asks for reader input on book content.

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  1. Blessedmimi says:

    I often find myself fantasizing about living in Fools Gold. If love to have all of my friends close by, festivals all the time, a dude ranch, bodyguards and soon a lot of football players… Ahhh..

  2. Shari says:

    Loved Two Of A Kind, the story of Felicia and Gideon. A few twists and turns that I did not expect makes for a great summer read. The Fool’s Gold books just keep getting better and better. Looking forward to Three Little Words.

  3. I love Fool’s Gold and am so happy that so many came out one month right after another-ti seems. I hate waiting a full year for them. I have also read the majority of Susan’s books and you know she’s one of those authors that will bring you ag ood read-no matter what the subject or theme is.

    Happy reading everyone,

  4. Thank you so much for telling your patrons about my books! So glad you’re enjoying the Fool’s Gold romances and the Blackberry Island books, as well.

  5. Donnita says:

    Loved Two Of A Kind !!! Can’t wait for Three Little Words !!!!!!

  6. Kortney says:

    So glad your library has these books in stock. It gives those who can’t afford to buy a book to get the chance to read it.

  7. Patsy T says:

    A favorite read of the summer. Felicia is so amazingly honest I loved her to pieces. One of the best things about Fools Gold is Susans fabulous cast of characters and how you can meet them at any point.

  8. Dee says:

    Susan Mallery is very popular at our library! Everyone can relate to her characters and the community in the Fool’s Gold series is small town at its best! Always makes for a great read!!

  9. Beccie says:

    Susan is my favorite author =)

  10. Lesley says:

    I love the FG series! This summer’s books have been the best and Two of A Kind is my favorite of the series so far!

  11. Melissa says:

    I love Fool’s Gold. Felicia is so funny. In Just One Kiss, I was so curious of her, but in Two of a Kind, I knew I liked her. I knew she would be a good friend of my.

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