June 18, 2018
  4pm-M-Elkharts Got Talent
  6:30pm-M-Book Club: RAINTREE COUNTY by Ross Lockridge Jr.
  6:30-M-Basic Microsoft Excel 2010
   June 19, 2018
  10am-OB-Youve Got Rhythm: Dance
  10:30 am -M-Frozen Sing-A-Long
  2pm-OB-Taco Earphone/Cable Holder
  230-DB-Geology Rocks!
  4pm-CB-Nature Rocks!
  4pm-CB-Nature Rocks!
  4pm-CB-Nature Rocks!
  5:30pm-PMB-Rhythm Rocks!
  Elkhart Public Library Board of Trustees Meeting
  6pm-Wellfield Botanic Gardens-Stories in the Garden
   June 20, 2018
  930am-DB-Read Move and Groove
  10am-M-Baby & Me
  10am-CB-Rockin' Storytime!
  1030am-DB-Read Move and Groove
  1pm-OB-Artifacts from Our Past
  4:30pm-M-Space Rock Sherlock
  6pm-M-Friends of The Elkhart Public Library Meeting
   June 21, 2018
  9:30am-M-Computer One-on-One
  10am-M-Summer Storytime
  4pm-CB-Readers Theater I
  Musician Storytime Dave Bennett
  6:30pm-OB-Music BINGO
  6:30pm-DB-Dunlap Third Thursday Trivia
   June 22, 2018
  11am-Pop-Up Library
  2pm-M-Yoga for Children
   June 25, 2018
  4pm-CB-The Beatles Rock!
  6:30pm-M-Intermediate Microsoft Excel 2010
  6:30pm-M-Mock Caldecott
   June 26, 2018
  10am-OB-Youve got Rhythm: Song
  230pm-DB-Your Body Rocks!
  4pm-CB-Kindness Rocks!
  4pm-M-Roz Puppets Presents: Billy Goats Gruff
  5:30pm-PMB-Slime Time Science Rocks!
   June 27, 2018
  930am-DB-Read Move and Groove
  10am-M-Baby & Me
  10am-CB-Rockin' Storytime!
  10am-OB-Mod Your Guitar
  1030am-DB-Read Move and Groove
  4:30pm-M-Free Family Movie: Sing
   June 28, 2018
  10 am- M-Teddy Bear Picnic
  3pm-M-Sonic Pi
  4pm-CB-Readers Theater I
  Musician Storytime Anna Hagen
  6pm-OB-Movie: SCHOOL OF ROCK
  6pm-DB-Coffee and Canvas
   June 30, 2018
  Harry Potter at 21
   July 2, 2018
  1pm-OB-Geology Rocks
  4:30pm-M-Free Family Move: Coco
   July 3, 2018
  230pm-DB-Rhythm Rocks!
  4pm-CB-America Rocks!
   July 4, 2018
  Closed for Independence Day Holiday
   July 5, 2018
  4pm-CB-Readers Theater II
   July 6, 2018
  11am-Pop-Up Library
   July 9, 2018
  5:30pm-M-Computer One-on-One
  6:15 pm-DB-Dunlap Book Club: A YEAR IN PROVENCE by Peter Mayle
  6:30pm-OB-Osolo Book Club: THE FOREIGN STUDENT
  6:30pm-M-Rock the Beat!
   July 10, 2018
  10am-OB-Youve Got Rhythm: stringed instruments
  10:30am-M-Free Family Movie: Happy Feet
  230pm-DB-Rock a Tie-Dye T-shirt!
  4pm-M-Karaoke Party
  4pm-CB-Pete the Cat Rock Party!
  5:30pm-PMB-Rock Your Neighborhood!
   July 11, 2018
  930am-DB-Read Move and Groove
  10am-M-Baby Dance Party
  10am-CB-Rockin' Storytime!
  1030am-DB-Read Move and Groove
  4:30pm-M-Rock with Boomwackers!
   July 12, 2018
  10am-M-Messy Play Day
  2pm-OB-Movie: ROCK DOG
  2:30pm-M-Computer One-on-One
  4pm-CB-Readers' Theater II
  5:30pm-PMB-Rock Your Mug!
  Gallery Talk: Ted Drake art exhibit
   July 16, 2018
  10am-OB-Garden Wind Chimes
  4pm-M-Ice Cream Delight
  6pm-M-Ice Cream Delight
  6:30pm-M-Book Club: THE WOMAN WARRIOR by Maxine Hong Kingston