Fixing Your Own Car? We Have Chilton Online!

Add Chilton Online Library to Your Toolbox

“You learn by doing, are unafraid of challenges, and feel proud when completing a job well done. Chilton has been helping people like you maintain cars and trucks for more than 80 years. We know how to help you succeed.”

Chilton pic-02Work on your car anytime, day or night. Visit our Online Resources for complete maintenance and repair information from Chilton, the most trusted name in auto repair. Resident Elkhart Public Library (EPL) card holders can access the Chilton Library from any device with an Internet connection.

To access the Chilton Library:

• Go to

•  Click on the + next to Car Repair, then click Access from Home (next to “Chilton Library Car Repair”)

• Enter your EPL card number and click “Proceed”

Chilton Selector
• Use the Vehicle Selector to choose year, make and model

• Select a category–repair, maintenance, or bulletins/recalls– to view available information

Then grab a wrench, pop the hood and start your repairs!



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