Hoosier Family of Readers

The Indiana Department of Education has a new summer initiative called Hoosier Family of Readers. Along with this, they are providing free access to thousands of digital children’s books!!

The initiative invites children and adults to read every day this summer and to identify their Hoosier Family of Readers. A reading family can be any combination of caring adults and children. At the Children’s Desk at the Main Library or at any of our branch locations, pick up a bookmark with a place to record “Who” is in your Hoosier Family of Readers. We are also giving away pencils and stickers so be sure to ask for those too!

The Hoosier Family of Readers program encourages all “reading families” to read anything that interests you – including graphic novels, nonfiction books, magazines, and newspapers – whether online or in print. Reading is reading, no matter the format or genre.

To encourage reading families to explore the experience of online reading, the Hoosier Family of Readers is providing free access to thousands of digital children’s books through myON Books.

Use the login information below:

MyON Books

School Name: Hoosier Family of Readers, Indiana Department of Education

Username: read

Password: read

From this website you can read as many books online as you would like. If you have an iPad or Android tablet, you can also download up to 20 titles on your device.

Have fun exploring all the great digital books available through Hoosier Family of Readers! And don’t forget to read every day!

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