Lemonade Day

For one day in early May, lemonade stands will pop up all around Elkhart.  Saturday, May 4, is Elkhart’s second annual Lemonade Day.   Lemonade Day is held in communities all across the country to help kids learn how to start their own businesses.  They also learn other things, like self-confidence and skills that can help them achieve their dreams.

We have made a Lemonade Day book list especially for kids. It includes books about starting a business,  how to turn hobbies or interests into earnings, and more.  All of these books are available from the Elkhart Public Library.

For more information about Lemonade Day, and to register, visit the Lemonade Day Elkhart website. Regular updates are posted on Lemonade Day Elkhart’s Facebook page

Lemonade Day backpacks can be picked up at the following Elkhart locations:

The backpacks include the materials and information needed to set up a lemonade stand. Registration forms are also enclosed for those who have not already registered online.


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