EPL’s Zinio Digital Magazine Collection FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about EPL’s Zinio Magazine Collection

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How does the service work?

If I already have a consumer Zinio.com personal account, do I need a separate account for the library magazines?

No, log in to your consumer Zinio.com personal account that has the same email address as the one used in the library collection account. The two email addresses are required to match. Remember to log in as a returning user in the center of the log in page to connect the library magazine issue to your personal account and not prompt you to pay for the issue.

Do I need to be online to check out magazines?

Yes, your library collection site is only accessible online. Magazines can only be checked out through an internet accessible device using a browser. Visit http://myepl.org/zinio to get started.

Do I need to be online to read magazines?

Not necessarily. You can either stream magazines to your PC/Mac or read them via the Reader 4 app after downloading the magazine. You can also read them offline on your mobile device. Supported mobile devices include iPhone®, iPad®, Android™, Kindle Fire™/Fire™ HD, Windows 8, Blackberry® Playbook™, Nook® HD/HD+, and Zinio for Libraries (read-only) mobile app.

Note: You cannot read a magazine from a mobile browser. It must be downloaded to your device and read via an app.

I requested a password reset from Zinio.com but did not receive a response in my email.  What should I do?

Problems with your Zinio password, contact Zinio.com support using the “Submit a Request” or “Chat Live” options at the bottom of the page.

How many total magazines can I check out at one time?

You can check out as many magazines as you want — there is no limit, along with no due dates.

Note: The Zinio.com personal reading account may have an unlimited number of magazine issues in your online master account. But, there is a 500 newest issue limit in the Reader 4 apps.

How do I know what magazines may be read online and offline for a particular mobile device?

Available apps and reading options are displayed when a magazine is checked out. Magazines generally may be read online or offline using the Zinio for Libraries app. If a magazine requires you to be offline when you read it, a message will appear when you hover over its cover with the cursor.

How do I stop receiving emails from Zinio.com about special promotions and offers?

When you first create a user account on Zinio.com, you may update your preferences to not receive any promotional Zinio.com emails. You can change this by going to the “Account Settings” tab on your Zinio account page. Click on your name, then on the “Email Preferences” link. Check and uncheck the boxes as desired. Additionally, there’s an “Update Contact Preferences” link you can use to change your email preferences at the bottom of each email.

When I went to myepl.org/zinio, I got a security warning message.  What should I do?

First of all, don’t worry, there’s no security threat to your computer/device in going to this page.  It’s a problem with the display of the magazine cover images.  At the end of the warning you’ll find a link allowing you to continue to the magazine collection page, just click that link.  Each Internet browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox) will word the link differently: “Get me out of here”, “Continue” or “Proceed Anyway”.

I can’t find what I am looking for. How can I get more help?

More Help is available from EPL’s Zinio Magazine Collection page.

Watch the Zinio for Libraries Overview Video (8 minutes).

Email your question(s) to webmaster@myepl.org or call us at 574-522-5669.


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