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by: Maisano, Paul Matthew
Little Brown and Company, 2018
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by: Walker, Nico
HarperCollins Publishers, 2018
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by: Scottoline, Lisa,

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by: Tokarczuk, Olga
Penguin Publishing Group, 2018
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by: Contreras, Ingrid Rojas
Fruit of the Drunken Tree
Doubleday, 2018
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by: Stockwin, Julian,
Iberian Flame, The

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View Description1808. With the Peninsula in turmoil, Napoleon Bonaparte signs a treaty to dismember Portugal and put his brother, Joseph, on the throne of Spain. Meanwhile, Nicholas Renzi, the Lord Farndon, undertakes a deadly mission to stir up partisan unrest to disrupt this Napoleonic alliance with Spain. Thrust into the crucible of the uprising, Captain Sir Thomas Kydd is dismayed to come up against an old foe from his past – now his superior and commander – who is determined to break him. Kydd will soon face the greatest decision of his professional career. Bonaparte, incensed by the reverses suffered to his honour, gathers together a crushing force and marches at speed into Spain. After several bloody encounters the greatly outnumbered British expedition have no option other than make a fighting retreat to the coast. Only the Navy can save them. But the flame of insurrection has been lit – and the Peninsular War has begun.

by: Perry, S K
Let Me Be Like Water
HarperCollins Publishers, 2018
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by: Joy, David
Line That Held Us
Penguin Publishing Group, 2018
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by: Dray, Stephanie,
My Dear Hamilton

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View Description“A general’s daughter… Coming of age on the perilous frontier of revolutionary New York, Elizabeth Schuyler champions the fight for independence. And when she meets Alexander Hamilton, General George Washington’s penniless but passionate aide-de-camp, she’s captivated by the young officer’s charisma and brilliance. They fall in love, despite Hamilton’s bastard birth and the uncertainties of war. A Founding Father’s wife… But the union they create–in their marriage and the new nation–is far from perfect. From glittering inaugural balls to bloody street riots, the Hamiltons are at the center of it all–including the political treachery of America’s first sex scandal, which forces Eliza to struggle through heartbreak and betrayal to find forgiveness. The last surviving light of the Revolution… When a duel destroys Eliza’s hard-won peace, the grieving widow fights her husband’s enemies to preserve Alexander’s legacy. But long-buried secrets threaten everything Eliza believes about her marriage and her own legacy. Questioning her tireless devotion to the man and country that have broken her heart, she’s left with one last battle–to understand the flawed man she married and the imperfect union he could never have created without her…”–Dust jacket.

by: Froderberg, Susan
HarperCollins Publishers, 2018
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by: Shaykh, Hanan
Occasional Virgin, The

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View DescriptionIn this frank and fearless novel, acclaimed writer Hanan al-Shaykh follows the tumultuous lives and sometimes shocking choices of women successful in their careers but unlucky in love. On a sunny beach on the Italian Riviera, two thirtysomething women, Yvonne and Huda, relax by the sparkling sea. But despite the setting, as their vacation unfolds, their complicated pasts seep through to the idyllic present. Both women spent their childhoods in Lebanon–Yvonne raised in a Christian family, Huda in a Muslim one–and they now find themselves torn between the traditional worlds they were born into and the successful professional identities they’ve created. Three months later, when Huda (a theater director from Toronto) visits Yvonne (an advertising executive) in London, a chance encounter with a man at Speaker’s Corner leads to profound repercussions for them both. As the novel continues, each woman will undertake her own quest for love and romance, revenge and fulfillment. Witty and wry, The Occasional Virgin is a poignant and perceptive tale for our time.

by: Hooper, Emma
Our Homesick Songs
Simon Schuster, 2018
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by:  Hua, Vanessa
River of Stars
Random House Publishing Group, 2018
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by: Dybek, Nick
Verdun Affair, The
Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group, 2018
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by: Owens, Delia
Where the Crawdads Sing
G.P. Putnams Sons , 2018
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