Summer Reading to kick off with original Pete the Cat author

Sam Householder : May 14, 2018 11:01 am : Elkhart Public Library

eric-litwin-101-copyElkhart Public Library is excited to announce that best-selling children’s author Eric Litwin will kick off the 2018 Summer Reading program, “Reading Rocks.”

Litwin, writer of the original four “Pete the Cat” books, “The Nuts” and “Groovy Joe” will bring his unique music and story style to six Elkhart community elementary schools.

From May 15 to 17 Litwin will perform his unique storytelling style for every kindergarten through second grader in the ECS system thanks to the Elkhart Education Foundation and EPL.

According to Tara White, director of literacy for Elkhart Community Schools, having a live author performing for students is a way to bring books alive for young readers.

“One of the great things for kids in this is they really will get to experience the author – hear his voice, see him in person,” she said.

< < Meet author Eric Litwin Wednesday at Barnes and Noble > >

“It’s the curriculum standards coming to life, and I just love that. We all love to see student engagement, and this opportunity – bringing music and literacy together – is really great for our schools.”

For Litwin, the performances are a chance to begin the process of writing and editing his next books.

“They begin as performance pieces,” he said. “I have combined interactive storytelling elements with early literacy.”

Utilizing rhythm, rhyme with a limited vocabulary, sight words and movement, Litwin said his books encourage early readers to get excited and build confidence in their reading.

“I enter the story from any of those elements,” he said.

“The outcome is an awesome book that is fun to read and engaging.”

Often, Litwin likes to perform a couple of his published books before trying out a new book he is working on, using the performance and his audience’s reactions to help him shape the story and edit it.

From there he begins to shape the story.

“What is incredibly fun about this is that the children are a part of the process,” he said.

“No two audiences interact the same way, so I respond to their responding.

They are all uncharted territory; all of these things are shaped and evolved through the live performances.”

Litwin said he is working on a CD called “Classical for Kiddos” that adds lyrics to classical music that will act as an introduction to classical music for children and a new Groovy Joe book, “If You’re Groovy and You Know it Hug Your Friend,” which could both be out by the end of the year.


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Outdoor handbell concert coming to Osolo Branch

Administrator : May 14, 2018 8:02 am : Elkhart Public Library, Home Feature

Ring in the summer season with a special outdoor concert at Osolo.adventist-bell-group-01

At 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, May 24 the Resounding Glory handbell choir from the Elkhart Seventh Day Adventist Christian School will hold a public performance at Osolo. In case of inclement weather, the concert will be moved indoors.

Bring a lawn chair or blanket and enjoy the relaxing sounds of the bells.

“Handbells have a unique sound, you don’t hear it frequently and it’s a team sport, it’s just beautiful,” EACS principal Catherine Pfeifle said.

According to Pfeifle, the group is in their first year. She said they formed after the school rented bells last year and the students enjoyed playing them so much they wanted to form a handbell choir.

The group previously performed at Osolo last December.

The group is comprised of the small private school’s five students, former students and the school’s former music director, Pfeifle said.

The choice to perform at the Osolo Branch was easy, she said, because they are next door neighbors to the library and utilize it for lessons.

“We go over to that library once a week,” Pfeifle said.

This time they will be bringing their music with them.


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Board Meeting Agenda 2018 05

Administrator : May 11, 2018 1:27 pm : Elkhart Public Library



1. Adopt Agenda
2. Minutes of the Last Meeting
3. Business Manager’s Report and Finances
a. Financial Reports – April 2018
b. Claims-to-be-paid –April/May 2018
c. Projected Summary of Cash – May/June 2018
d. Cash Flow & Investment Recommendation – May through July 2018
4. Personnel Changes Report

1. Director Evaluation
2. Upcoming Board vacancy (June 2018)

1. Informational Items
2. Department Report – Mary Ann Kempa, Cleveland Branch Supervisor


1. Treasurer’s Bond

G. Questions and Information from Board, Staff, and Guests

EXECUTIVE SESSION to follow regular meeting
The Board will meet in executive session as provided for by IC 5-14-1.5-6.1(b) Item (9), respectively: to discuss job performance evaluations of individual employees.

NEXT SCHEDULED BOARD MEETING: June 19, 2018 at 5:30 pm at the Main Library.

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Presidents visiting Elkhart

Sam Householder : May 10, 2018 8:50 am : Elkhart Public Library, Home Feature

President Donald Trump is set to visit Elkhart Thursday with a rally at North Side Gymnasium, it got us thinking; how many other sitting presidents have visited the City with a Hart?

While it might be difficult to know for sure about any pre-newspaper visits that there may have been, EPL’s extensive records of the Elkhart Truth and Daily Record help shed light on the past 150 years or so.

The New York Central Railroad definitely helped the early visits of presidents and candidates made to Elkhart. Back 116 years ago, former president Theodore Roosevelt made a short stop in Elkhart on his campaign train following the 1912 Progressive Party Convention in Chicago. After his nomination as the Progressive “Bull Moose” Party candidate, Roosevelt made a seven-minute stop in Elkhart to campaign.


The Elkhart Daily Record on Aug. 9, 1912, wrote that his speech was interrupted several times by an over-eager crowd, including several “elderly but determined women” who called themselves “suffragettes.”

On Oct. 26, 1948, then-President Harry Truman stopped his campaign train in Elkhart just one day ahead of his opponent, Thomas Dewey. Truman blasted the Republican-controlled Congress and told an estimated crowded of 10,000 that “If every voter casts his ballot in their favor…there is no doubt I will be the next president.”


The next presidential visit most will remember was Lyndon Johnson’s April 14, 1965 visit following the Palm Sunday tornado outbreak. Recovery was ongoing during Johnson’s visit and he promised that he would “do everything we can” for the victims of the tornadoes.johnson0003


While many politicians made stops in the South Bend area as officials or on campaign stops, it wasn’t until Barack Obama made a post-inaugural visit to Elkhart, one of several he made as both a candidate and President, that a sitting President visited Elkhart. His first presidential visit was on Feb. 9, 2009, just weeks following his inauguration to tout a federal job creation stimulus grant that funded several Indiana projects.

obama-2009-1 obama-2009-2 obama-2009-3

He returned on June 1, 2016, bringing his presidency in full circle, to tout the progress the community had made since the bottom of the economic recession that wreaked havoc on the area’s economy. He also filmed a PBS Town Hall at the Lerner Theatre.


Trump will be the next chapter in presidential visitors and in the future that story will be found right here in the EPL archives.


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Get into a galaxy far, far away with these titles

Sam Householder : May 4, 2018 11:16 am : Elkhart Public Library



Enjoy Stars Wars Day (May the Fourth Be With You) with these Star Wars related titles in our collection you can check out to get into the galaxy.


“Sacrifice” by Karen Traviss

“Phasma” by Delilah Dawson

“Empire’s end” by Chuck Wendig

“Star Wars: Thrawn” by Timothy Zahn

“Bloodline” by Claudia Gary


“Join the resistance” by Ben Acker

“The force awakens” by Michel Kogge

Young Adult

“Rebel rising” by Beth Revis

“Leia: Princess of Alderaan” by Claudia Gray


Star Wars Rebels (seasons 1, 2, 3)

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Episodes IV, V and VI

Episodes I, II and III

LEGO Star Wars: Droid Tales and The New Yoda Chronicles


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