Storytime prepares, socializes children for pre-K

Sam Householder : February 28, 2018 9:33 am : Elkhart Public Library, Home Feature

storytime-03Storytime, a program held at three EPL branches on a weekly basis, helps introduce the library to children, as well as socializing them and preparing them for preschool.

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According to Osolo branch supervisor librarian Donna Mitschelen, the program is presented different at each branch but follows the same idea.

“This program focuses on helping children prepare for kindergarten by providing opportunities to learn and to enhance their pre-reading skills,” she said.

“Early literacy skills are developed through talking, singing, writing, reading and playing; we try to incorporate these skills into our Storytime sessions.”

Storytime programs:

Tuesday, 10 a.m. at Osolo

Tuesday, 10 a.m., Tuesday Tales (Ages 4-5) at Main

Wednesday, 10 a.m. at Dunlap and Cleveland

Thursday, 10 a.m. at Pierre Moran

Thursday, 10 a.m., Little Explorers (ages 2-3) at Main

Mary Ann Johnson, a retired teacher, has been bringing her granddaughter, Piper, to the Osolo for Tuesday Storytime since September and said it works great for her as a daytime caretaker.

“It’s just important that the kids learn those aspects of the library,” she said. “They do a lot of different things; reading, motor skills and they always do an activity.”

Kay Hanft, also a retired teacher, has brought all of her grandchildren to storytime over the years, six in all.

“Donna does appropriate stories for their age and my grand kids love to do the crafts and of course the snack,” said Hanft with a laugh.

“It’s a good step to bring them here before they go to preschool so they can have the socialization, otherwise they will be behind when they get to preschool.”

The Storytime program is slightly different at the downtown library, with two programs, Little Explorers for 2- and 3-year-olds and Tuesday Tales for 4- to 6-year-olds, according to Allison McLean, head of Young People Services.

McLean said that the reason for the different program for 4- and 5-year-olds is so they can focus on youngsters at the other sessions.

“That allows us to be a little more focused than the 2-5 age range at the other storytimes,” McLean said.

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Board Meeting Agenda 2018 02

Administrator : February 26, 2018 11:23 am : Elkhart Public Library



1. Adopt Agenda
2. Minutes of the Last Meeting
3. Business Manager’s Report and Finances
a. Financial Reports – January 2018
b. Claims-to-be-paid – January/February
c. Projected Summary of Cash –February/March
d. Cash Flow & Investment Recommendation – February
e. Final Annual Financial Reports – 2018
4. Personnel Changes Report

1. Upcoming Board vacancies (June 2018)

1. Informational Items
2. Department Report – Mary Beth Schlabach, Reference


1. PTO Policy: Minor Revisions
2. Job Description: Reference Department Head
3. Job Description: Graphic Artist
4. Food for Fines
5. Banning Criteria: Revision

G. Questions and Information from Board, Staff, and Guests

NEXT SCHEDULED BOARD MEETING: March 20, 2018 at 5:30 pm at the Osolo Branch.

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Special showings of Oscar nominated movies

Sam Householder : February 22, 2018 4:03 pm : Elkhart Public Library

mkt-180222-best-picture-shows-100Movie buffs who have missed a chance to see some of the Academy Award nominated movies before the ceremony will get a chance at EPL next week.

The downtown library will be showing three Oscar nominated movies with three chances to see them March 1-3.

The movies will be screen simultaneously at the library on projector screens for a theater experience. The movies being shown are “Darkest Hour,” “Get Out,” and “Dunkirk.”

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Showtimes are:

Thursday, March 1 – 6:30 p.m.

Friday, March 2 – 2:30 p.m.

Saturday, March 3 – 10:30 a.m.

Free popcorn will be available during all showings.


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Habitat for Humanity holding information session for applicants

Sam Householder : February 21, 2018 10:56 am : Elkhart Public Library

Habitat for Humanity of Elkhart County will be hosting an informational meeting for families looking to apply to the program for a home Monday, Feb. 26.

logo-2-colorFrom 6 to 7:30 p.m. Monday at the downtown library, Habitat will lead a meeting about the process of applying for and obtaining a home through the program.

Bethany Anglin, family services director for Habitat for Humanity of Elkhart County, said that they will be covering the application process and requirements.

“That (way) they can have all of the information about the process,” Anglin said.

“We’re looking for motivated families.”

Habitat is going to build a few houses in the Concord school district, she said but applying families do not have to currently live inside the district in order to apply.

The specific lots will be shown during the meeting.

According to Anglin, the entire process from application acceptance to move in is between 12 and 24 months.

equal-housing“It’s not a short process,” she said.

While the home is constructed, families will attend home ownership classes about budgeting and other aspects while saving money for their closing costs and home owner’s insurance.

“That gives them time to get ready for all that stuff as well,” she said.

Habitat for Humanity Elkhart County builds between four and seven homes per year, she said and they hold selection meetings like this only once or twice a year, so don’t miss out.


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Book selections for Presidents Day

Trevor Wendzonka : February 16, 2018 11:50 am : Elkhart Public Library

When I changed my major to political science after my freshman year of college, friends wished me luck in the field my degree would allow me to pursue: construction.

Several large loans and interesting professors later, I emerged with a piece of paper and a neverending interest in perspectives on the U.S. presidency. Eventually, despite what my friends said, my employment choices gave me an opportunity to get paid while seeing each of the last three presidents speak.

None of this, of course, makes me an expert. Maybe you’ll quit reading here. But I do have a bookcase full of great books – and some clunkers – about most of those guys represented between the numbers 1 and 44. (I live in the moment on 45.)

On Presidents Day 2018, here is a six-pack (plus one!) to get you through the weekend.


presidents-day-2An  assassin’s bullet! The probing dirty fingers of physicians! Alexander Graham Bell inventing a metal detector! Read Candice Millard’s “The Destiny of the Republic” about James Garfield, and keep in mind that – really – it wasn’t that long ago this all went down.

The Making of the President

I have the whole collection of Ted White’s historical recaps of mid-20th century elections. But I think the best inside baseball campaign book ever written is David Plouffe’s “The Audacity to Win.” All politics aside, the first 150 pages of this thing should be required reading for anyone trying to organize and execute an idea.

presidents-day-1A Comedy of Errors

“Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail ‘72” also should be required reading, for so many different reasons. In my perfect world, Hunter would have lived long enough to write a sequel in 2016.

The Original “Fake News”

Journalist gets story. Journalist publishes story. White House gets evasive. White House launches campaign to discredit journalist. And people couldn’t even share it on Facebook, because it was 1893. “The President is a Sick Man” by Matthew Algeo volleys Grover Cleveland’s own words back at him: “Tell the truth.”

Always an Adventure

Teddy Roosevelt was larger than life in lots of ways, but his post-White House exploration of the Amazon chronicled in “River of Doubt” nearly killed him. (And, PS, that’s two on this list of six by Candice Millard. She must be good at what she does.)

Wise Men Working Together

It’s not surprising political animus can drive a wedge between the current leader and his predecessor. But few understand the intricacies of the job, and the commander-in-chief has been known to rely on the counsel – and, sometimes, salesmanship – of presidents past. “The Presidents Club” helped recast my perspectives on the complicated role of former presidents.


presidents-day-3Probably due to the popularity of “American Lion,” my favorite biography on Andrew Jackson often is overlooked. H.W. Brands’ work was the first I read on Ol’ Hickory, and it’s a thorough study of a complicated man







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